martes, julio 29, 2008


The 2DVD and 2CD versions of Undead Indeed is planned to be released on 11.06.2008 in Finland. The release party for the DVD will be held at Henry's Pub in Kuopio on 10.06.2008.

The event will be accompanied with all the members of Tarot.UNDEAD INDEED (2DVD)

DVD 1: UNDEAD INDEED - Live At Rupla 2007

1. Crows Fly Black
2. Traitor
3. Pyre Of Gods
4. Wings Of Darkness
5. Back In The Fire
6. Tides
7. Bleeding Dust
8. Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
9. Angels Of Pain
10. Warhead
11. Follow Me Into Madness
12. Before The Skies Come Down
13. Ashes To The Stars
14. Undead Son
15. You
16. CrawlspaceGuitar Solo
17. Rider Of The Last Day
18. I Rule
PAL 16:9,DVD-9Dolby Digital 5.1,2.0All RegionsLanguage:Finnish with English subtitles

DVD 2: UNDEAD EXTRASMarco&Zac InterwievStigmata Archives21st Century Live ScenesPyre Of Gods (promotional video)Ashes To The Stars (promotional video)

PAL 16:9 & 4:3,DVD-9Dolby Digital 2.0All RegionsLanguage: Finnish (no subtitles)

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