viernes, agosto 13, 2010


la banda de thrash metal Swashbuckle han revelado la portada de su nuevo material "Crime Always Pays..." este nuevo disco saldra a la venta el próximo 10 de Septiembre por medio de Nuclear Blast Records.
esta es la portada.

el track list del disco es el siguiente:

01. Slowly Wept The Sea
02. We Are The Storm
03. This Round's On YOU!
04. Powder Keg
05. Where Victory Is Penned
06. Of Hooks And Hornswogglers
07. A Time Of Wooden Ships & Iron Men
08. Crime Always Pays
09. Raw Doggin' At The Raw Bar
10. The Gallow's Pole Dancer
11. Legacy's Allure
12. At The Bottom Of A Glass
13. To Steal A Life
14. You Bring The Cannon, We'll Bring The Balls
15. Surf-N-Turf (For Piratical Girth)
16. Rope's End

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