lunes, noviembre 10, 2008



1. Blank File
2. My Land
3. 8th Commandment
4. Replica
5. Kingdom For a Heart
6. FullMoon
7. Letter To Dana
8. UnOpened
9. Picturing the Past
10. Destruction Preventer
11. Letter To Dana (acoustic version)
12. Mary-Lou (Japan bonus track)

1. ...of Silence
2. Weballergy
3. False News Travel Fast
4. The End of This Chapter
5. Black Sheep
6. Land of the Free
7. Last Drop Falls
8. San Sebastian (revisited)
9. Sing In Silence
10. Revontulet (Instr.)
11. Tallulah
12. Wolf & Raven
13. The Power of One
14. Wolf & Raven (2008 version)
15. Peacemaker (Japan bonus track)
16. Respect The Wilderness (Japan bonus track)

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